TORONTO, November 21, 2001 ( – In recent days, the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s two major national papers, has commented on the strength of pro-life political influence. Yesterday’s Globe and Mail reports, “Anti-abortion groups, which can organize large numbers of people, were credited with a large role in helping Stockwell Day win the Canadian Alliance leadership.”

Again on November 17 the Globe explained why the media were focusing on abortion, and questioning all Conservative leadership candidates on the issue. “This issue has importance in the Tory leadership race because some of the groups that could deliver large numbers of votes in the one-member, one-vote system aggressively oppose abortion. Their support helped Stockwell Day win the leadership of the Alliance last year,” said the Globe. The one-member, one vote system is much less open to the political manipulation that has characterized traditional Canadian party votes and has given all Canadians a fairer chance to have their just input.

Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition, said pro-lifers should be greatly encouraged that their efforts at political mobilization are being recognized and resulting in politicians seriously considering the issue as one that could affect their political livelihood.

To get involved in the political struggle for pro-life in Canada contact Campaign Life Coalition at:  1-800-730-5258 [email protected]