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June 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – After weeks of lionizing massively crowded Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests across the United States with little regard for “social distancing” or other draconian coronavirus lockdown measures, the mainstream media are criticizing President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign for its decision to resume the Republican incumbent’s trademark in-person rallies.

Trump’s first rally since the COVID-19 outbreak is slated for this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Newsweek reports. The campaign says that, as a precaution, all attendees will be given a temperature check before being allowed to enter, and will be given free masks and hand sanitizer.

Many stories from outlets such as Politico, The Guardian, CNBC, and others have framed their stories around tension between the rallies and the public health risks of large public crowds. The Associated Press ran the headline “Trump rally called ‘dangerous move’ in age of coronavirus,” which was picked up by ABC News, US News & World Report, and others. The New York Times ran with the headline, “Events Like Trump Rally Are ‘Perfect Storm’ for Viral Spread, Experts Say.”

For the most part, the media have not allowed COVID-19 fears to get in the way of their sympathetic coverage of the BLM protests, for which “public health experts” have also carved out an exception:

Trump called out the apparent double standard on Monday, declaring that won’t deter him or his supporters from pressing on:

As of June 15, the United States is estimated to have seen more than 2.1 million COVID-19 cases, with more than 118,000 deaths and 875,000 recoveries. More than 40 percent of those deaths have come from nursing homes.

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