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(LifeSiteNews) — An American medical advocacy group recently released model legislation to encourage states to enact laws to protect individuals from irreversible medical intervention for gender confusion.

On Tuesday, the growing nonprofit Do No Harm announced the release of the Detransitioner Bill of Rights, a sample piece of legislation for states to adopt and enact to protect Americans struggling with gender confusion. The document cites the rights of citizens to informed consent, effective medical care, public transparency, insurance coverage, legal restoration and justice.

The legislative model begins by outlining facts repeatedly put forth by conservatives that point to the serious negative results of medical intervention for gender confusion. Engaging in this behavior has shown that puberty blockers will almost certainly cause infertility and depleted bone growth while cross-sex hormones have resulted in greater risk of heart-related issues.

As more research comes out, many European countries have issued warnings against the use of these drugs, including France and Sweden. Even the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a warning label to one puberty blocking drug, citing serious side effects. Further research indicates a strong link between gender confusion and peer pressure, often prompted by social media influence.

Do No Harm also noted in the document that, in stark contrast to available evidence, organizations such as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) “greatly exaggerate the mental health benefits of hormones and surgeries while understating the risks and uncertainties.”

Additionally, personal testimony from detransitioners – individuals who reverse course on their decision to medically “transition” to the opposite sex – show that they were not thoroughly informed of the risks of the chemical and surgical intervention they sought. Many also cite the lack of “sufficiently explor[ing] psychological and emotional problems prior to offering hormones and surgeries.”

In recent months, there has been a noticeable rise in lawsuits filed against medical professionals and organizations for committing irreversible, mutilating surgeries against gender-confused minors in the name of “gender affirmation.” Some argue the atrocity occurred due to pressure from professionals while others say healthcare workers ignored the root issues of their gender confusion.

The document then details six rights of citizens that must be respected concerning medical intervention for gender confusion. Regarding informed consent, the policy states that “any treatment requires both verbal and written notice in at least 14-point, proportionally spaced typeface of the following facts, verbatim, during every single medical visit for treatment, for a period of no less than 12 months.”

The required information includes evidence of negative impacts of the so-called “treatment” as well as the lack of evidence to support the benefits of such practices. This section also ensures that parents and guardians have access to all their children’s medical records and holds health professionals responsible for failing to adhere to the guidance, risking up to a year of inability to practice medicine.

Additional stipulations require gender-confused minors the freedom to access mental health care to “address an inconsistency between” one’s sex and “gender identity,” dealt with in line with parental knowledge and consent. For any medical organization and provider that administers any so-called “gender transition procedures,” they must keep detailed records and provide annual reports to the legislature, including all drugs and surgeries dispensed and the dates on which they were given.

Regarding insurance coverage, the model legislation declares that, if a facility “uses State funds to directly or indirectly provide or pay for the performance of gender transition [sic] procedures” is equally obligated “to provide or pay for the performance of [the] detransition procedures.”

The sample also emphasizes the need for “an expedited process for changing the sex, name, pronouns and any other information recorded on birth certificates, driver’s licenses or other legal documents when such information had been previously changed to align” with a person’s perceived “gender identity.”

Lastly, the document specifies that medical professionals who violate the legislation are “strictly and personally liable” for monetary supporting the detransition process of their minor patients for 25 years after committing irreversible chemical or medical intervention for their gender confusion.

Do No Harm chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb said in an October 17 press release from the organization that “medical professionals should publicly acknowledge the plight of detransitioners and research ways to help and support those who regret undergoing these procedures.”

“We cannot remain passive while the well-being and rights of children are at risk,” the group’s executive director, Kristina Rasmussen, added.

Do No Harm was founded to “protect patients, physicians and healthcare itself from radical, divisive ideology.” More information about the group can be found on its website.


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