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Keisha Marie Atkins

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, March 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The New Mexico Medical Board is investigating a late-term abortionist for his ties to the death of one of his patients, 23-year-old Keisha Marie Atkins.

Boyd, an aging abortionist who has been aborting babies since before it was legal, works at Southwestern Women’s Options, New Mexico’s notorious late-term abortion facility.

In February 2017, Boyd committed an abortion on Atkins. Atkins’ late-term abortion began on January 31. When she returned to the facility on February 3, she displayed labored breathing and signs of sepsis, a systemic, life-threatening infection.

According to her autopsy report, Atkins was “preparing for labor,” the final stage of a late-term abortion when the pre-born baby is delivered stillborn, having had his heart injected with poison beforehand.

Atkins’ autopsy said there appeared to be blood clots in her lungs. She was “emergently to the operating room to complete the abortion procedure.” It was then that Atkins went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated.

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Local pro-life group Abortion Free New Mexico complained about Atkins’ death to the medical board.

On March 2, the medical board sent Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico a letter confirming “the Board's Executive Committee have reviewed [your] complaint and have determined that the allegations contained in it warrant further formal review to determine whether the licensee is in violation of the Medical Practice Act.”

The letter says Shaver and the public won’t any material on the investigation, but if “the case proceeds to a hearing, portions of the investigation file may become public information” that can be obtained by a written request.

“Curtis Boyd's unregulated late-term abortion practices will finally come under scrutiny by the New Mexico Medical Board, and this is long overdue,” said Shaver. “It is unfortunate that one woman had to die to produce this investigation, but we are hopeful that what is uncovered will serve to protect many babies and their mothers from late term abortions at the hands of Curtis Boyd in the future.”

Boyd, a former Baptist minister has admitted to a Texas television station, “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”

He said he prays that “the spirit of this pregnancy will be returned to God with love, with understanding” as he commits abortions. During that same interview, he also said he commits abortions on girls as young as nine and ten.


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