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(LifeSiteNews) — One story that has stayed in John-Henry Westen’s mind for a very long time is the story of a mother in El Salvador who murdered her newborn and was jailed for the crime.

The New York Times sent a reporter to El Salvador to interview this mother and proceeded to run a story in its magazine in April 2006 titled Pro-Life Nation. The Times falsely reported that the mother was in prison for 30 years for simply having an abortion.

LifeSiteNews obtained court records which indicated the case in question was actually one of infanticide rather than illegal abortion, and LifeSite’s extensive reporting on the case ultimately forced the New York Times to correct its error.

Westen said he remembers the story not because LifeSite caused the New York Times to issue a correction but because “back in El Salvador, that pro-life nation was confirmed in their pro-life stance.”

“The front pages of all their papers for three days straight talked about this story – their victory over the New York Times and their pride in being a nation faithful to God, and to life.”

Of course, the gruesome act of violence against her own child that this mother was convicted of was morally no different than an abortion. Infanticide and abortion produce the same result: a dead baby. With Westen at the helm, LifeSiteNews is still in the business of holding the mainstream media accountable for pushing pro-abortion “disinformation,” now nearly a year after the historic overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Westen is among the many LifeSiteNews staff whom Canadians will have the chance to meet at LifeSite’s Canadian edition of our 25th anniversary gala, on July 18, 2023 in Markham, Ontario.

“The part of the Canadian gala I am most looking forward to is meeting our supporters, those who pray for us, those who donate to us, those who read us and spread our news all over the place,” said Westen. “They are indeed our fellow warriors in this fight.”

“They’re the ones spreading the news. They’re the ones that are on another side of the same battlefield, fighting the same enemy and fighting in this war for Christ and for His truth  … this is the greatest blessing in the world.”

The LifeSiteNews co-founder said something unexpected that has come from the launch of The John-Henry Westen Show is that “many people have told us how much they appreciate it and [that] it’s a lifeline for them.”

But “what’s most affected me is that people have told me it’s built their faith up and some have accepted the faith because of it,” he said. “I’m so happy to have been used as an instrument to bring people closer to Christ and to His truth.”

Westen’s zeal for the Catholic faith is something gala attendees are likely to notice when mingling with him during the cocktail hour, or while they are part of LifeSite’s live studio audience – it comes out in unexpected ways. For example, Westen was cast as Captain von Trapp in a local production of The Sound of Music (he auditioned “because my daughter was auditioning, and my wife forced me to do it too so it would encourage her”) because “I auditioned by singing Salve Regina.”

And if gala guests notice any Kit-Kat wrappers lying around, it is likely a sign that Westen is nearby. Something most people don’t know about him is “I like to drink whiskey and with it eat Kit-Kat bars because they pair so well together,” he said.

Tickets for the gala can be purchased here. Ticket sales close on July 1, 2023.

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