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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, Liz Yore and John-Henry Westen discuss Megyn Kelly’s recent reversal on “gender transition” treatments, Sean Hannity’s comments on how the Republican Party should “moderate” on abortion for political gain, a secretive pro-transgender meeting between a group of American bishops and the dissident group New Ways Ministries, and more.

Earlier this month, podcaster and former Fox News host Megyn Kelly interviewed detransitioner Isabelle Ayala and her lawyer Jordan Campbell. During the course of the interview, Kelly expressed her remorse over having at one time defended children’s access to “sex changes,” saying she was part of the problem.

“If you’re not actively fighting against this, you are part of the problem,” she told her audience. “You are hurting people like Isabelle. You have to fight, whether it’s a donation, or just using your voice, or retweeting support for people like Isabelle or Jordan.”

Yore said of Kelly that she did a “great service” for saying what she did on her podcast, and encourages people to listen to her remarks. Yore further opines that detransitioners like Ayala will end the “propaganda” of the transgender movement, since they can tell of the “horror of what was done to them, both physically and emotionally.”

Yore further notes recently uncovered internal documents from World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that suggested a link between “gender-conforming care” and cancer. To Yore, people need to be educated on the matter because the issue will not “slow down” despite an apparent pendulum swing. “We need to be attentive to what is happening,” she says. “This is happening in our schools, in our churches, in universities, in hospitals and pediatrician offices.”

Last week the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) announced it had obtained a 2009 “Biological Materials Transfer Agreement” between Planned Parenthood San Diego and the University of California San Diego (UCSD), where the abortion provider would provide UCSD with aborted baby parts while retaining “ownership of the university’s patents and intellectual property” created with the body parts. It is unclear if the agreement is still in effect. However, emails from 2020 show that UCSD officials were concerned about respecting “any rights” fetal tissue providers might legally “retain.”

Yore, commenting on the agreement, notes that the patents are “extremely lucrative.” She further notes that the transfer of any aborted fetal tissue for “valuable consideration” is a federal felony punishable by 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

She also notes that CMP founder and president David Daleiden said that Planned Parenthood’s national headquarters not only knew but approved of the sale of aborted fetal tissues to UCSD for “valuable consideration.” She also notes that the federal OIG investigation into fetal trafficking in Pittsburgh must now be expanded to San Diego and other locations.

“This is ‘follow the money,’” says Yore. “At the heart of Planned Parenthood, these kinds of deals are going on. They’re heinous, they’re in violation of the federal law, they are absolutely trafficking of late term aborted babies, and this must be stopped.”

For Yore, the scandal is a “continuation” of a scandal that has followed Planned Parenthood for a decade, and that “this is a window into what they’re doing and how they continue to make their millions in sacrificing late term aborted babies.”

Meanwhile, a new report from Michael Hichborn and the Lepanto Institute suggests that Catholic Relief Services (CRS) supported abortion and contraception in Africa. The report, which details a field investigation conducted by Lepanto Institute and Population Research Institute (PRI), claims CRS referred girls as young as 10 years old to abortion and contraception providers, took part in federally-funded projects designed to spread and promote contraception and condoms in several African countries, and corrupted the morals of young girls with its material.

Hichborn makes an appearance to discuss the report, showing a CRS manual from Cameroon designed to help prevent HIV, adolescence, and gender for children ages 10-17, which Lepanto Institute and PRI obtained from CRS’s Cameroon office. The manual itself, Hichborn shows, explicitly promotes masturbation on several pages. Hichborn points out that the offending portion of the manual comes from a program called “My Changing Body,” a prototype of which CRS promoted in 2015 in Rwanda that included a heavy promotion of masturbation. He states that while CRS denied the promotion at the time, the documents he uncovered show that CRS “was lying.”

Hichborn also explains how CRS contributed $145,000 to a pro-abortion organization in 2019, and how CRS took part in the DREAMS project in Zimbabwe and Lesotho, a government-funded project specifically designed to encourage contraceptive use among young women and girls.

Yore, reacting to Hichborn’s appearance, says that it is “especially heinous” that the African bishops, who have been stringent about defending the family and pushing back against Fiducia Supplicans, see the West supporting CRS and its partners, calling it a “knife in the back.” She also says that the West is seeking to depopulate Africa, recalling how Jeffrey Sachs said that Nigerians should have only three children.

“This is a long pattern of how the West is exploiting Africa, trying to put pressure on Africa and using the Catholic Church as the funding mechanism with all these other partners that they’re working with,” she says.

The communist government in Hong Kong announced a new law earlier this month that requires Catholic priests to break the seal of confession should penitents confess to “treason” and disclose them to the government. Priests who refuse to abide by the law face a 14-year prison sentence. Anyone convicted of “seditious intentions” from any revealed confessions would face seven years in prison, while anyone who “colludes” with an “external force” faces 10 years, and those possessing publications with “seditious intentions” without reasonable excuse would face three, among other penalties for other offences, according to Benedict Rogers, co-founder and CEO of human rights advocacy group Hong Kong Watch.

Yore states that the law is an attack on the integrity of the seal of confession, something that priests cannot break without incurring an automatic excommunication, and maintains that the law is aimed at the Catholic Church to “destroy a sacrament.”

“This is the pro-Beijing puppet rubber-stamp legislature that is moving with actually alarming speed to force the Catholic Church to go underground,” Yore says. “We know that Catholic schools have been closed. Catholic churches have been closed as a result of what is happening in Hong Kong under the new [Chinese Communist Party (CCP)] approved government.”

Yore predicts that the CCP will send people to confession to make “a fake confession” about seditious activity, and that should the confessing priest not report the confession, he will be prosecuted. To her, the measure is designed to undermine the importance of priests, the “sacramental nature of the Church,” and “is driving a stake in the heart of the Catholic Church.”

“Catholicism is the greatest threat to communism,” she continues. “It is the gradual piece by piece law that’s being passed to undermine the faith, to force priests to either leave their vocation and go home, or their choice is to spend time in jail or, worst of all, to capitulate to the CCP.”

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