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(LifeSiteNews) — A devout member of the anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag group was arrested after performing an indecent act on himself near a child-friendly park in Northern California last month.

A sheriff’s report first obtained by The Daily Wire reveals that 53-year-old cross-dresser Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore was committing a sin of impurity while his vehicle’s door was open.

He had been parked for an hour, apparently unclothed, at the Table Bluff County Park in Loleta at a busy area close to the ocean when he was arrested around 6:40 p.m. A man parked nearby noticed his behavior. Ellis-Gilmore was taken into custody without incident.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence earned the scorn of Catholics across the United States this summer after they were honored by the pro-LGBT Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

LifeSite co-founder John-Henry Westen helped lead a rally protesting the franchise’s decision outside their stadium — which later flooded — alongside Bishop Joseph Strickland and other lay Catholic figures. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles oddly refused to endorse the event.

The Daily Wire reported that Ellis-Gilmore, who is homosexual, is a “novice” with the group’s Eureka, Oregon chapter, meaning, he is active in performing. One of his pseudonyms is “Novice Sister Man Romeo.”

Images on social media show Ellis-Gilmore reading to school children in 2018 at Peninsula Union, which is not far from where he was arrested. In other posts, he is seen donning garish clothing. Another says, “Be gay, hail Satan.”

Conservative influencer Matt Walsh took to X earlier today to call out the media’s hypocrisy.

“A few months ago, the Left was celebrating the ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.’ The LA Dodgers gave them an award,” he said. “Public elementary schools invited them to read to children. Anyone who suggested this group shouldn’t be applauded was labeled a hateful bigot. Yet it’s been radio silence since the August 12 arrest of a ‘Sister’ for indecent exposure.”

“Clinton represents a disturbing anti-Catholic worldview that every power center on the Left promotes,” Walsh continued. “We need to stop honoring these people and start exposing them for what they truly are.”

Ellis-Gilmore was released on his own recognizance. According to The Post Millennial, indecent exposure for first time offenders in California is a misdemeanor and includes a $1,000 fine, six months prison time, and being forced to register as a sex offender.