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Dear readers,

The entire LifeSiteNews family would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

We’ve had a custom here for many years of publishing Christmas reflections by our staff on Christmas Eve. We encourage you to read each of these often personal and always thoughtful pieces as you go about celebrating the birth of our Savior. Here's the full listing of this year's reflections:

Jesus, sin and Christmas – Peter LaBarbera

The best Christmas gift is Christ’s Truth – Lisa Bourne

Let’s not get Christmas confused with Easter – Steve Weatherbe

Trust in God’s plan – Lianne Laurence

The star of Bethlehem – the pagan’s way to God – Jan Bentz

In the quietest moments, God speaks the loudest – Claire Chretien

The strange thing God did at Bethlehem (and in my family) when everything seemed to go wrong – Pete Baklinski

The reflections will be highlighted on our front page throughout our Christmas break, which we take every year between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ll be back again with our regular publishing schedule on January 3.

God bless you all!