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Dear readers,

The entire LifeSiteNews family would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

We’ve had a custom here for many years of publishing Christmas reflections by our staff and contributors on Christmas Eve. We encourage you to read each of these often personal and always thoughtful pieces as you go about celebrating the birth of our Savior. Here's the full listing of this year's reflections:

Christmas witnessing and blessings – Steve Jalsevac

Thank God for faithful priests, who, like St. Joseph, are often quiet heroes – Claire Chretien

Heart speaks to heart: The most essential reality of true religion – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Why being Christian means traveling with Jesus from Bethlehem to Calvary – Doug Mainwaring

After centuries of suppression, Christmas in Edinburgh is finally back – Dorothy Cummings McLean

How faithful Catholics can find joy this Christmas in face of apostasy everywhere – John-Henry Westen

Christ reigns as King from the crib – Come, let us adore him! – Joseph Shaw

Let’s pray for persecuted Christians who celebrate Christmas with fear in trembling – Jonathon van Maren

How a homeless war vet taught my family to trust God – Lisa Bourne

How Trump brought Christmas back to America – Pete Baklinski

The reflections will be highlighted on our front page throughout our Christmas break, which we take every year between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We’ll be back again with our regular publishing schedule on January 2.

God bless you all!