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Dear readers,

Every year on Christmas Eve, LifeSite publishes Christmas reflections written by our staff and contributors. The year 2020 has been one of enormous growth for us and thus we are publishing far more Christmas reflections than in years past. We encourage you to read these pieces, many of which are personal and all of which are thoughtful, as you celebrate Christmastide. We have also included a link to a recap of 2020 by His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

LifeSiteNews will be taking a much-needed break to celebrate Christmas until January 4, 2021. We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

2020 Christmas reflections

‘We are not alone’: A 2020 recap by Archbishop Viganò

Brothers in arms – John-Henry Westen

Feeling anxious this Christmas? It’s time to say ‘Jesus, I trust in You’ – Emily Mangiaracina

The first Christmas was also uncomfortable and full of hardship – Dorothy Cummings McLean

Where God reveals Himself to us in a Christmas under oppression – David McLoone

The earthly and heavenly rituals of Christmas – Jeanne Smits

Did Communism ever die? Our current crisis in light of Our Lady of Fatima – Dr. Maike Hickson

‘Best mama, best dada’: The spirit of Christmas is marriage – Drew Belsky

A look back at Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 homily on ‘the mystery of Christmas’ in ‘a polluted world whose future is at risk’ – Raymond Wolfe

2020 was a year of clarity – about a lot of things – Claire Chretien

Why midnight Mass is my greatest joy at Christmas – Michael Haynes

A Christmas like no other in the USA: We are all activists now – Doug Mainwaring

The miracle of Christmas: How a baby redeemed the world and how my babies redeemed me – Tory Belsky

Why I thank Baby Jesus for bringing me to work at LifeSite – Piero Maresca

Christ’s birth teaches us to seek humility in all things, even when we’re personally attacked – Stephen Kokx

A skipped Christmas – Vicky Whisenant

In spite of this year’s trials, let’s rejoice with Our Lady this Christmas – Karolyn Heffernan

Charity is growing cold in the world. Jesus comes at Christmas to rekindle the fire – Lianne Laurence

Lockdowns be darned! Spend Christmas with your families – Anthony Murdoch

Lockdowns cannot stop God visiting each of us this Christmas – Avery Qua

COVID rules ruining your Christmas? Government interfered in celebration of first Christmas too – Pete Baklinski

In the desolate places – Heather Holmes

Contemplating the Incarnation of the Son of God with sacred art – Patrick Delaney

Born out of humility – Alejandro Rodriguez

Proof God’s in charge: How I got a new life in 2020 – Walter Willits

A full cradle and an empty grave: Christmas is the opposite of abortion – Jonathon Van Maren