Dear LifeSiteNews Readers,

  After much effort and expense over the past few years we are finally able to launch major changes to the LifeSiteNews website today. These significantly improve the usefulness and attractiveness of LifeSiteNews, add new Internet functions and complete the changes to the LifeSiteNews branding, begun in 2002, from the old LifeSite name.

  There are still outstanding items that will be gradually implemented but the major items are completed. We will be doing a lot of fine tuning over the next several days. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Send them to [email protected]

And lastly, this site improvement has been a costly, but necessary project. Your donations to help us cover those costs would be much appreciated. See

  Following is a list of the changes implemented today: 


This most important LifeSiteNews page now has a newsier, more colorful and dynamic look:

  * The top and left side have been redesigned with a bolder, more compact look.
  * The old LifeSite logo has been changed to the LifeSiteNews name which we switched to in 2002.
  * The story titles are now split into most important stories in the upper section and other titles and the former NewsBytes (links to stories on other websites which used to be in a right side column), now placed below a “More News” bar.
  * Top headlines can now be emphasized with different colors, font sizes and photos
  * Introductory text, to give readers a better idea of the story contents, is now included below some top story headlines
  * Headlines of all stories published on LifeSiteNews have a gold colored LSN icon beside them. Those without LSN are links to other web sites.
  * The photos on the top, left of the home page have all been replaced with new photos.


  * This handy page is very useful for reading each day’s complete list of stories all at once without having to click on each story. It includes all stories posted at the time for that date. The list increases as additional stories are added during the day and early evening.
  * Now accessed via the “More News” bar.
  * Now shows all the current day’s titles at the top with the individual stories below. Has new navigation tools – the titles are linked to each story position and a “Back to Top” link at the bottom of each story allows quick movement back to the titles.
  * The Printer-Friendly (click on  “Print” ) version now has a more pleasant daily news “document” format for casual off line reading of the news and distribution of hard copy to others.


* The individual story pages can now be shared to Newsvine, Digg, Reddit, and  Facebook. Just click on the icons at the top or bottom of each story page and in any of the stories in the “All stories in one page” version as well.- The story pages now include all other LifeSiteNews titles for the day at the bottom as well as the “Most Read” Stories for the week.

  * The Printer-Friendly (click on  “Print” or the printer icon ) version now has a more pleasant daily news “document” formatting for casual off line reading and distribution of hard copy to others.

  Steve Jalsevac