Dear Readers, 
  Our interview with British magistrate Andrew McClintock reveals again that Britain is becoming truly totalitarian in its disregard for traditional freedoms and even reason. We are hearing that “totalitarian” word a lot about Britain these days and rightly so. It’s time for the British people to finally wake up to what is being done to them. The time left to stop the decline may be running out.

  We mourn the loss of Priests for Life Canada National Director Fr. Jim Whelan. He died in the line of duty, doing the work that was so precious to him for many years. We thank God for his dedication. Father thought highly of LifeSiteNews and was a regular reader.

  Former Attorney General Phill Kline is an exceptional individual. We met him in Washington during the recent March for Life. He greatly impressed us with his recitation of the events in Kansas and the tenacity and skill he has exhibited while trying to bring late-term abortionist Tiller to justice. Phill Kline deserves support. The man is fearless, very principled and an excellent communicator. We hope and expect Kline will be running for high political office in the future.

  John-Henry sent in his first brief Rome report today. There has been little time for writing as he has had numerous meetings since arriving in Rome.  He relates that the trip has been exceptionally productive so far. He only wishes he was able to get a new camera before he left but nevertheless got a decent photo of Pope Benedict for today’s story.

  Steve Jalsevac