Friday February 5, 2010

Mexican Attorney General’s Office Files Suit against “Homosexual Marriage”

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

MEXICO CITY, February 4, 2010 ( – The Attorney General of Mexico (PGR) has filed suit against the government of Mexico City to strike down a law approving “homosexual marriage” and adoption.

The decision to fight the measure followed requests for help by members of the National Action Party (PAN), which has fought the measure in the Mexico City legislature.

The law, passed in January, has caused much consternation in Mexico, a country with a strong family values tradition. Its provision granting homosexual couples the right to adopt children has been particularly offensive to Mexicans, even in the nation’s ultraliberal capital city.

A recent poll conducted by the PAN found that a majority of Mexico City residents opposed “homosexual marriage” (53%) and that an even stronger majority opposed adoption by homosexual couples (76%).

Attorney general Arturo Chavez Chavez is arguing that the new law is unconstitutional, and also that any arguments in favor of the necessity of “legal protection” for same-sex couples are vitiated by the already existing civil unions legislation in Mexico City, which grants some of the same rights as matrimony.

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop of Mexico City, expressed his full support for the PGR’s legal action against the new law, denouncing the idea that homosexuals “can arrogate to themselves rights that jeopardize the rights of the smallest children.”

Although the PGR has the legal responsibility to challenge laws it regards as unconstitutional, Mexico City’s governor Marcelo Ebrard is claiming that it is a “serious error” for the PGR to file suit in the case, adding that “I don’t think it corresponds to the federal executive to make decisions about the laws of Mexico City.”

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