MEXICO CITY, May 13, 2014 ( – Gov. Angel Aguirre of the far-left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) has proposed the legalization of abortion-on-demand in the state of Guerrero, provoking thousands to take to the street in protest, while eliciting cheers from the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The bill would allow abortion-on-demand for the first twelve weeks, and up to nine months when “the product” suffers from deformities, or in the case of rape or claims of danger to the health of the mother. The new law would also regulate conscientious objection by compelling pro-life doctors to refer women to an abortionist.

Thousands of pro-lifers took to the streets of several cities in Guerrero this past Sunday to protest the bill. “Governor Aguirre can’t protect the lives of women while sacrificing the lives of innocents that have no way to protect themselves,” said Juan Carlos Morales, one of the protest organizers in Acapulco, in response to the government’s claim that the bill “is about preventing the deaths of women who get clandestine abortions.”


“Abortion is not a choice, it is murder,” added Morales.

However, the Mexico Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights applauded the governor’s move, calling the proposed law a “positive response” from Mexico to the recommendations made during the United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review, to which Mexico was subject last October.

The reform will be discussed in Guerrero’s Congress during the following weeks, where PRD has the most votes. Local media predict the bill will be passed in alliance with other parties.

Jorge Serrano, leader of Mexico’s National Pro-Life Committee called the situation “worrisome” and asked for prayers. Although he had hope that the governor’s bill would not be approved by the legislature’s Gender and Justice committees, he noted that the Health Committee, dominated by socialists, would probably send it to the floor for approval.

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Bishop Alejo Zavala Castro, from Guerrero’s capital, Chilpancingo, told the press that the bill represents “disdain for human life.”

According to the bishop, several prelates of his diocese had recently met with the governor, who had assured them of his support of the Catholic Church. He said Aguirre’s new attitude was “unpleasant.”

“We are trying to speak to the congressmen, speak to the governor himself to impede the legalization of abortion in the state,” the bishop told Radioformula, adding that he hoped the governor would focus on other concerning issues.

According to the National Council of Politics and Social Development Evaluation, Guerrero is the second poorest state in the country. The state also had the highest homicide rate in the country in 2013, and its famous city of Acapulco was rated the third most violent city in the world earlier this year.

“If the governor cares about saving lives, there are many that have already been lost according to these ratings,” said deputy Carlos Alberto Perez from right-wing PAN, adding that with the abortion reform “unfortunately many more are at risk of being lost.”

Local media initially said Bishop Zavala had “threatened” to excommunicate the governor if the reform was passed, but the bishop replied in the Radioformula interview that he “never threatened him. … I said absolutely nothing against him.”

Amnesty International has been pressuring Mexico in recent months to liberalize its current abortion laws by sending a Memorandum to President Peña. The memorandum stated that since the current constitutions of many of the Mexican states were “recognizing the ‘right to life of the fetus from conception,’” they were “undermining the enjoyment of women’s and girl’s sexual and reproductive rights.”


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