July 19, 2011 ( – A coalition of Mexican liberal and socialist parties are proposing to redefine human life to allow the commercialization of human embryos, including their importation and exportation, according to major national news agencies.

The initiative would redefine an embryo or zygote in the earliest stages of life as a “fertilized ovum,” meaning that the embryo would only be regarded as a “human cell” and not a “life.”

The new term, according to the Mexican state news agency Notimex, will allow the mass production and destruction of human embryos, without legal consequences, although the provisions for such processes are not yet specified.

Although the legislation prohibits the creation of hybrids, it allows experimentation on human embryos for reproductive ends.

The initiative is supported by the liberal Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the socialist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM), which together have a majority of seats in the National Congress.

Only the right-wing National Action Party (PAN) opposes the measure. Notimex reports that the party’s leadership is concerned that the measure would lead to the “fabrication ” of human beings ” and “opens the doors to the legalization of a black market for trafficking ova and placentas.”

The legal fiction employed by the bill has no counterpart in biology. According to embryology, there is no distinction between a “fertilized egg” and an “embryo.” From the moment of conception, a zygote, and later an embryo, has the full genetic code of an individual and distinct human being, and is the same organism as an infant or adult human.

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