MEXICO CITY, Feb 16 (LSN) – Last week, Mexican Red Cross president Jose Barroso dared to expose the truth about contraceptive companies and non-governmental institutions in Mexico promoting condoms and AIDS “awareness.” Following the lead of Pro Vida, a Mexican pro-life organization,  and the Catholic Church, Barroso called on the Ernesto Zedillo administration to suspend campaigns promoting condoms. Barroso recognized that the condom-promoting campaigns encourag “promiscuity” and courageously confronted the powerful AIDS lobby, arguing that scarce medical resources should not be rationed according to the priorities of political correctness, as is the case with AIDS.  Barroso's move was attacked by pro-abortion groups around the country and internationally. The Federation of Sex Education and Sexology said his views “endanger the population and lower the prestige of the institution he represents.” The Network of Civil Human Rights Bodies accused Barroso of “irresponsibly manipulating statistical figures to discredit the effectiveness of condom use.” The National Council for the Prevention and Control of AIDS (CONASIDA) sent fax and electronic mail messages to the various Red Cross headquarters around the world, saying “Barroso is lacking in humanitarianism” and must not remain as head of the institution in Mexico.