MEXICO CITY, March 11, 2011 ( – The Socialist Party of the Democratic Revolution’s (PRD) faction the Mexican Senate said yesterday that his party has plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to enshrine the killing of unborn children as a “right,” in the words of Mexican press sources.

Carlos Navarrete Ruiz yesterday told an audience composed of female political activists that he supports the proposal to legalize abortion as it was presented by fellow PRD member Diana Bernal, who is currently a federal judge.

“The magistrate Diana Bernal has made a proposal that has been well received by the women who were present, and I am committed to endorsing that constitutional initiative in the Senate of the Republic,” said Navarrete

Referring to abortion as “deciding about [one’s] body,” Navarrete told the audience. “I am in solidarity with women who have been imprisoned for deciding about their bodies. That is unacceptable.”

In addition, Navarete lashed out at the outgoing leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Beatriz Paredes, for not being sufficiently pro-abortion. Although Paredes had claimed to support decriminalization, she had failed to prevent party members in state legislators from voting against it, he said.

Navarrete also promised to crack down on Lorenzo Lavariega, who is a PRD member and mayor of Huatulco, Oaxaca, for establishing rules of modesty in dress for his female employees, including the prohibition of miniskirts, and low necklines.

Navarrete has not hidden his ambitions to be the next mayor of Mexico City, following outgoing mayor Marcelo Ebrard, also of the PRD, who presided over the legalization of government-subsidized abortion in the nation’s capital.