MEXICO CITY, April 30, 2014 ( – A woman in the Mexican state of Durango whose physicians recommended an abortion after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, has given birth to a healthy baby girl.


She followed the birth with a successful mastectomy.

“When I learned I was pregnant, I felt one of the most beautiful emotions a human being can feel,” said Dulce Rangel, a resident of Gomez Palacio, in an interview with the local newspaper Publimetro on April 8.

“Days after, I came to know through an ultrasound that I had second-degree breast cancer, which is very aggressive, and the doctors recommended that I have an abortion,” she explained.

Although it is legal in the state of Durango to perform an abortion when the life of the mother is at risk, Dulce explained how she never thought of abortion and decided she would fight for her life and her baby's life.

“Not once did I think I would die, nor my baby,” she said.

“When they did the first chemotherapy I was very scared, because I didn’t know if my baby would tolerate it,” she continued. “That’s when I decided to leave everything to God and realized I was only an instrument for bringing this little angel to the world.”

She said each tim she received a chemotherapy treatment, she told her baby, “This is not for you. Don’t take any of this.”

Dulce also faced being fired from her job after her superiors found out she was pregnant. Still, she continued with the pregnancy and filed a lawsuit for which she is waiting resolution.

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Jimena was born at 37 weeks via C-section on April 2.

“There are no apparent congenital malformations…She’s a healthy baby,” said Dr. Luis Bañuelos, who tended to Dulce and Jimena.

“I know I made the right decision,” said Dulce. “When I look into her eyes and she smiles I feel the world spinning. If life gives me another opportunity, I will have another baby.”

Media report Dulce’s response to the mastectomy has been favorable, and the tumor has been removed. She is now at home with her newborn daughter.

“I think nobody can or should decide on the life of another person,” she concluded.