By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

MEXICO CITY, August 19, 2010 ( – The spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico City, Hugo Valdemar, is coming out swinging against the socialist political establishment, which is threatening him, the city’s cardinal archbishop and the cardinal archbishop of Guadalajara, with punitive measures following comments condemning the city’s new pro-abortion and gay “marriage” legislation.

Denouncing the “new religious persecution” begun by Mexico City Chief of Government Marcelo Ebrard, which is motivated by “intolerance, hatred, and viscerality,” Valdemar warned that the actions of the mayor could “unleash a war in the country.”

Calling Ebrard’s policies “scandalous,” Valdemar accused him of “using all of the force of the government, of the State, to go against the citizens.”

“It is worrisome that a government official who is subject to observation, scrutiny, and criticism by those he governs, cannot handle criticism and uses the whole apparatus of power to repress two citizens [Valdemar and Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez]. This was only done by dictators like Pinochet and Francisco Franco, but it is not done by a democratic government that boasts of being the city of liberty.”

Valdemar defended his statements comparing Ebrard’s policies to “narcotrafficking,” and expressed defiance against Ebrard’s threats to take legal action against him.

On Wednesday, Valdemar said that “[Marcelo Ebrard] and his government have created laws that are destructive to the family, that cause worse damage than narcotrafficking. Marcelo Ebrard and his party, the PRD, have endeavored to destroy us.”

Despite a complaint filed against him for “moral damage” by Ebrard, Valdemar said that he could prove his contention with Mexico City’s own statistics, which show that there have been 42,000 “murders of innocent children in the wombs of their own mothers,” while only 28,000 have died in the nation’s war against the drug lords.

“For that reason I said that his laws were pernicious, perverse, and do worse damage than organized crime. I don’t have anything more to demonstrate, that is what I affirm and maintain it using information from his (Ebrard’s) own government,” Valdemar said. He also stated that it is the Mexico City government that is the one causing “moral damage” to the society.

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