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May 27, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced that he intends to join Mexico to a coalition of 19 other United Nations member states devoted to advancing the homosexual political agenda.

The remarks accompanied the president’s recent announcement of a new initiative on his part to amend the Mexican constitution to permit homosexuals and transsexuals to “marry” people of the same sex.

The coalition, which is known as the “LGBT Core Group,” was founded in 2007 by three Latin American countries for the purpose of advancing the homosexual political cause under the rubric of combatting “discrimination” against those who engage in sodomy. It has since grown to include the United States, France, Japan, Israel, and other first world economic powers.

The president has also instructed several federal agencies, including the Secretaries of Governance and Public Education, and the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination to carry out campaigns against “homophobia,” according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal. Such campaigns will reportedly also include “diversity” training in the nation’s schools.

Even Mexican passports will now be changed, according to the president, to fit whatever gender identity is assigned to the user, regardless of his biological sex.

While the U.S. State Department and the international homosexual lobby have rejoiced in Peña Nieto’s initiative, Mexican religious leaders and family rights advocates have denounced it as an assault on the country’s most valued institution.

“These minority lobbies, with surprising success, have been imposing their agenda by leveraging the United Nations Organization with our countries, aided by immense funding. They support supposed rights and equality: they themselves are those who finance abortion and other atrocities,” the Catholic bishop of Aguascalientes, José María De la Torre Martín, told the press following the president’s announcement.

A coalition of a thousand organizations has formed the National Front for the Family to fight the proposals and to support an amendment to restrict the definition of marriage to the union of one man and one woman.