MEXICO CITY, March 11, 2009 ( – Mexican health officials have acceded to the demands of international pro-abortion organizations to require public hospitals to provide abortions in cases of rape.

Abortion is not penalized in cases of rape in most Mexican states. However, because of the high value placed on the sanctity of human life in Mexican culture, such abortions rarely occur in practice.

Following protests led in Mexico City and Spain by the pro-abortion “human rights” group Amnesty International, Mexican Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos has agreed to modify Official Norm 046 to force hospitals to do the abortions.

The proposed norm previously stated that doctors were permitted to carry out the procedure, but did not require it (see previous LifeSiteNews coverage at

Mexico’s National Pro-Life Committee issued a statement on Monday condemning Cordoba Villalobos as a “traitor to life.”  The health secretary is a member of the National Action Party, which has a generally pro-life stance on abortion.

The Committee is demanding “the removal of Dr. Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos, Secretary of Health, for betraying the lives of the recently conceived, his obligation as a doctor, and the National Action Party.”  It is also demanding that Mexican President Felipe Calderon prohibit the publication of the norm.

In Leon, Guanajuato, hundreds of people marched through the streets to protest the changes to Norm 046, carrying banners and placards with pro-life slogans.  They were led by the Citizen’s Coalition for Family and Life (COFAVI), and joined by local politicians and their relatives.

Beatriz Rodriguez, director of COFAVI, said that the modified Norm 046 is “designed with particular ideologies against life and family” and “created only by radical feminist organizations.”

“We should promote consciousness, that’s the most important thing,” one marcher told the newspaper Milenio.  “It is a human being that lives, it is conception that matters.”

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