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MEXICO CITY, Mexico, March 26, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The president of Mexico has blamed the migrant crisis currently affecting the southern border of the United States on President Joe Biden and his administration.

“Expectations were created that with the Government of President Biden there would be better treatment of migrants,” said Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador during a press conference Tuesday. “And this has caused Central American migrants, and also from our country, wanting to cross the border thinking that it is easier to do so.”

Obrador cautioned that while “Biden’s immigration policy is very good,” it will take some “time” to implement.

“Well, it is a process, because there are also many human traffickers, ‘coyotes,’ who encourage people to say: ‘Now it is easier to get to the United States, let’s go,’ and it is not like that; above all, there are risks unfortunately from violence. So, we have to protect and that is what we are carrying out,” said Obrador.

The explosion of people flooding the border between Mexico and the U.S. began shortly after Biden took office, notably after he stopped former former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which makes migrants return to Mexico while their refugee/asylum claims are administered.

Biden also stopped the construction of the border wall, which was one of Trump’s main projects, and put a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

Recently, the crisis has exploded with reports of thousands of migrants, most from Central America, going hungry and cold while being detained in “camps” set up by U.S. border officials.

The Biden administration has blamed Trump for the current crisis, and recently tasked Vice President Kamala Harris to tackle the migrant crisis facing the southern border.

“We are rebuilding the orderly systems that the Trump administration tore down to avoid the need for these children to actually take the perilous journey,” said Alejandro Mayorkas with the Department of Homeland Security.

Obrador stressed the severity of the border crisis, which he noted has been an issue for decades for both Mexico and the U.S. He also pointed out that Trump “respected” Mexico’s sovereignty and that he worked well with his administration. The Mexican president said bluntly that migrants “don’t go to the United States for fun, they go out of necessity.”

Obrador also said he is not in favor of any U.S. meddling in Mexico’s affairs, after a recent visit from a Biden envoy to the crisis area along the border.

“We do not accept supervision visits. We are not a colony, we are not a protectorate, Mexico is an independent, sovereign, free country,” said Obrador regarding the “envoy visits.”

In November of 2020, Obrador said Mexico “cannot act recklessly” in congratulating Joe Biden as the “potential” winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections until official results were posted.

He was one of the last world leaders to congratulate Biden, doing so only in late December with a letter to congratulate him on his “triumph. Obrador did not attend Biden’s inauguration.

On January 7, Obrador made headlines the world over when he said that he does not like anybody “being censored” on social media in light of Trump’s ban from Twitter and Facebook. 

He then pledged to push forward with an international endeavor to fight censorship at the hands of social media giants, who banned Trump from their platforms, along with many other conservative voices.