By Gudrun Schultz

TORONTO, Ontario, September 7, 2006 ( – Michael Coren, the outspokenly conservative radio talk show host who was fired almost one year ago by Toronto radio station CFRB 1010, has been reinstated on mainstream airways.

Coren was fired in November 2005 after a program in which he “picked on a group of people”—the over-weight—according to CFRB General Manager Pat Holiday at the time. Coren had created a fictitious character in a staged interview, whom he mocked about his weight to illustrate a point on obesity debates in the country.

The program content outraged listeners and led to Coren’s resignation.

“I’ve learned my lesson,” Coren said in an email to, “and also learned just how many people out there rely on my voice on the radio. I will not let the side down.”

At the time of his termination with CFRB, Coren was the only voice for conservative moral views on Toronto’s mainstream radio talk shows, openly airing pro-family, pro-life and robust politically-incorrect commentary about Canadian society.

His new one-hour show will air Sunday, Sept. 10 at seven p.m. The content will be straightforwardly Coren. “No guests and just my opinions and calls,” he told LifeSiteNews. “No compromise, no light stuff. Just hard debate.”

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