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 The Remnant

(LifeSiteNews) — Michael Matt, editor-in-chief of The Remnant Catholic newspaper, has called on Catholics to resist Pope Francis’ promotion of a secular globalist agenda, regardless of whether he is truly the pope or not.

In a Remnant TV episode published Saturday, Matt highlighted the extent to which Pope Francis has adopted the goals and language of World Economic Forum-led globalists, arguing that the Catholic Church is “being obviously pressed into the service of the globalist agenda.”

Matt displayed news pieces showing Francis parroting WEF talking points, including his calling for the elimination of fossil fuels, encouraging reduced meat consumption, and advocating for “the internationalization of vaccines.”

Matt pointed out how, during a recent address to the pro-abortion and pro-LGBT Clinton Global Initiative conference, Francis did not say “a word” about Jesus Christ or repentance. In fact, Francis’ closing statement called for urgent action on climate change, but failed to mention God and entirely omitted any kind of blessing, made more conspicuous by the fact that Bill Clinton’s parting words to Francis were “bless you.”

“Francis is clearly a geopolitician, he’s not a theologian… He doesn’t want to talk about Christ, God, Catholicism, dogma, or heresy, he doesn’t care,” noted Matt.

Matt also pointed to Francis’ open endorsement of the WEF, despite its overt promotion of abortion and so-called “LGBTQ rights.” Francis has signaled his intimacy with the WEF’s globalist founder Klaus Schwab, by sending an address to the WEF four times in his eight-year pontificate, and allowing an annual Vatican roundtable at Davos, the WEF’s annual conference site in Switzerland.

Matt played a video clip of Cardinal Peter Kodwo Turkson addressing the WEF during its 50th anniversary year in 2019, sending “greetings and prayerful good wishes to all taking part” in the year’s gathering.

He reminded viewers that the WEF chairman, Klaus Schwab, envisions a future in which we all have brain implants, and that one of his lead advisors, Yuval Noah Harari, has spoken optimistically about the idea of artificial intelligence creating a new “bible” and new religions that he claims “would actually be correct.”

“Does Pope Francis have a problem with any of this?” asked Matt.

Matt believes that the globalists consider Francis’ support of their goals to be critical for their fulfillment, noting that they “need the moral authority of the Catholic Church to build their New World Order, and Francis is key.”

Regarding ongoing controversy surrounding assertions that Francis is not in fact the pope, Matt said, “all I know is that [he] is being used by the globalists to this extent, and that’s terrifying.”

“[Francis] is an infiltrator, and I would call him a traitor. Before God, we have no choice but to resist this man to his face. And whether he’s the pope or not, on that we can all agree,” Matt concluded.