SACRAMENTO, August 19, 2003 ( – Michael Reagan, the conservative broadcaster and opinion-maker and the former president’s son, has pronounced anathema upon Arnold Schwarzenegger, declaring him to be no conservative and no Ronald Reagan clone.  Unlike President Reagan, a highly effective president of the screen actors’ guild before he ran for California governor, Schwarzenegger has no political experience. Moreover, Reagan had the mind and vision of a statesman, with a firm grasp of conservative economics. Finally, Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan, could not be more unlike Nancy Reagan, a woman whose persona and beliefs were in keeping with the California Republican culture.  “Arnold is pro-choice. He is pro-gay. He is pro-gun control. So what gives for Arnold being a Republican? There is one particular creature that is abhorrent to California Republicans and that is a Rep who dances like a Dem. They just won’t stand for it.”  For more details: