WASHINGTON, August 13, 2004 ( – The Republican Party has decided to feature Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan at this year’s National Convention to speak on stem cell research.

Family Research Council (FRC) praised the move, saying “The Republican Party, in keeping with its pro-life platform, has invited staunchly pro-life Michael Reagan to speak in front of a national audience and address both sides of stem cell research – adult and embryonic.  We applaud this decision and trust that Michael Reagan will defend his father’s memory by reiterating that he was unabashedly pro-life and believed that life begins at conception.”  FRC president Tony Perkins said, “Sadly proponents of embryonic stem cell research have been using members of the Reagan family to do their public bidding.  These people say the Reagan family supports this research in memory of their father former President Ronald Reagan. To the contrary, Michael Reagan has been outspoken about his defence of his father’s policies on life and against the destruction of embryos for ineffective science.  “As a board member of the Alzheimer’s Foundation, Michael Reagan understands that the promise for cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s from embryonic stem cell research is bleak at best and yet sadly, some are willing to distort the science and the truth for political gain,” Perkins concluded.  jhw