December 17, 2002 (LifeSiteNews) – The author of the book that exposed moral corruption within many U.S. Catholic seminaries has responded in detail to critics of his book Goodbye Good Men.  LifeSite has reported some of the high praise that the book has received from distinguished, faithful Catholic writers. We have also noted some of the unexpected criticism that the author has received from a few faithful publications such as Crisis magazine and the National Catholic Register.

Because of the important role that Rose’s book has played in the current church scandals controversy we follow up with links to Rose’s detailed response to each of the four most significant critics. Readers who are interested in the subject are encouraged to read the responses and make up their own minds about the validity of the criticisms.  The issue is about moral corruption on a substantial scale within many church institutions whose purpose is to train spiritual and moral shepherds. It is no wonder then that any book that attempts to expose that corruption would come under intense scrutiny and criticism. It is an intense subject.  See Michael Rose:  responds to Crisis magazine   responds to National Catholic Register   responds to Our Sunday Visitor   responds to Culture Wars

*Note: Hear the Real Audio recording of John Paul II’s comments on the scandals which he made during the homily at World Youth Day in Toronto this past July