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Michigan Governor Gretchen WhitmerDrew Angerer / Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Michigan lawmakers have voted to repeal a 1931 law that banned abortion in the state. The move comes the same week that they passed the most radical pro-LGBT “civil rights” bill in the country.  

“Once Governor Whitmer signs this [into law],” Right to Life Michigan said in a tweet today, “abortion will be totally unlimited up to birth.” 

Last fall, Michigan voters supported Proposal 3 by a 57-43 margin. The measure called for an amendment to the state’s constitution to ensure that every individual has access to “reproductive freedom.” Historically, Michigan allowed abortion after viability, but only to preserve the mother’s life.

Since winning re-election, Gretchen Whitmer has pursued a far-left agenda. The Senate’s 20-18 vote Wednesday, along party lines, fulfills a request she made during her State of the State address in January to expand abortion access. Earlier this year, she touted her support for abortion at the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland.  

Both of Michigan’s legislative chambers are currently controlled by Democrats, who have not had majorities in those chambers in 40 years and are clearly capitalizing on their newfound power.

Two Republicans in the State House — Rep. Donni Steele and Rep. Thomas Kuhn — sided with their liberal colleagues to support the repeal last week, making the final vote tally 58-50. Right to Life of Michigan rescinded its support for both Steele and Kuhn as a result.  

“By voting to repeal our current abortion law and thus legalize the abortion of children fully capable of living outside the womb, they have broken their pre-election promise to uphold human dignity,” the group said in a press release. 

The victory for the political left comes as federal agents are investigating Sam Bankman-Fried, the former head of cryptocurrency firm FTX, for unlawful political donations. One of his alleged crimes includes giving $4 million dollars to a former FTX executive, who, in turn, gave the money to help support the passage of Proposal 3 last fall. The money reportedly amounted to almost 9% of the campaign’s overall expenses.  

International financier George Soros also gave millions of dollars to help Proposal 3. 

In December 2022, Michigan GOP State Rep. Jim DeSana organized a Eucharist Rosary procession around the Capitol in reparation for the slaughter of unborn children in the state. He told LifeSite this week that he will continue to fight for life and for the rights of religious Americans in the face of Democratic assaults on their liberties.