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A crowd gathers at a meeting of the Dearborn Public Schools board in Michigan.Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) — A school board meeting in Michigan was shut down earlier this week before hundreds of angry parents could speak their minds on sexually explicit books contained in the school libraries.

On Monday night, a Dearborn Public School District board meeting turned chaotic after parents who came to express themselves were ignored.

“You have no right to sit there and tell us we can’t talk,” said a member of the community after parents were told by board president Roxanne McDonald that they would not be allowed to speak for more than three minutes.

Parents arrived Monday night to challenge the district’s policy on how schools evaluate what content is age-appropriate for students. The meeting came in response to the school board’s temporary removal of seven sexually explicit books in September. Book titles included This Book is Gay, The Lovely Bones and Red, White and Royal Blue.

Niraj Warikoo, a reporter for The Detroit Free Press, posted frequent updates on the situation on Twitter, saying the American Federation of Teachers Union was also present at the meeting in support of the books. He also reported that some angry parents had even prepared signs, with one reading “KEEP YOUR DIRTY BOOKS IN THE CLOSET,” and another stating “Homosexuality Big Sin.”

The night turned chaotic when an official announced to the crowd that they were in violation of the fire code and that some would have to leave the room. The board, calling for a recess, left the room as the crowd united in chanting “vote them out.”

“Meeting of Dearborn Schools has descended into chaos and confusion as board members walked out,” Waikoo tweeted at 10:14 p.m. “Mobs opposed to some LGBTQ books took over the meeting as various factions jostled for power. Police themselves were unsure if meeting was still on. “Vote them out,” crowd chants.”

Not long after that, Warikoo tweeted that the Dearborn police chief announced that the meeting was moved to Thursday and asked the crowd to remain calm.

“Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin is pleading with the crowd: “Please calm down…Dearborn is better than this,”” Warikoo tweeted. “He said school board meeting is over and will reconvene Thursday at a school with more space. Protesters angry over some LGBTQ books have shut down tonight’s meeting.”

Parents and Dearborn residents were furious after the cancellation, saying they felt as though they were being silenced.

“The school board finished with their agenda and when it was time for public comment, the excuse of the fire code came out and what we witnessed was a spontaneous reaction of concerned parents who felt like they were being silenced,” Dearborn resident Hassan Chami said.