Fri Jan 30, 1998 - 12:15 pm EST

NEW YORK, Jan 30 (LSN)—Billionaire-Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates revealed on ABC's “20/20”  (to be broadcast tonight), that he expected to match or do better than the $1 billion donation offered to the United Nations last year by CNN mogul Ted Turner. Gates' money, like Turner's, will likely be used to promote “population control”.  Last year, The Village Voice, reported that three of the richest men in the US (Ted Turner, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) strongly supported population control. Noting Ted Turner’s 1 billion dollar donation to the UN was likely to be most appreciated by the UN Population Fund, the paper reported, ``no sooner had Turner announced his gift than Nafis Sadik, the fund’s executive director, hailed the donation in a press release’‘. Turner was also said to have contributed about $3 million to population groups in the past year, beyond the $1 billion promise.  Bill Gates was listed as having given $2.25 million to the Department of Population Dynamics at Johns Hopkins University, as well as millions to other population groups like PATH, a Seattle-based family-planning group. And Warren Buffet, was reported, just pior to his death to have made “overpopulation” a primary cause for his foundation, as well as having paid $2 million to fund research on RU-486, the abortion pill.  It appears that the UN and its supporters have found a way of going around the US Congress’s unwillingness to fund an inneficient, corrupt and anti-life UN. The United Nations used to be accountable only to nations and rely on them for the financing of its international initiatives.  It is now becoming dangerously independent with this growing trend of multi-billionaires funding and promoting UN agendas. Will the name eventually change from UN to UMC for United Multinational Corportions?

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