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DENAIR, California, August 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – On the first day of school, a male California middle school science teacher who allegedly does not want to be identified by a specific gender, handed out a gender identity graphic in order to help explain to his students why he wants to be referred to not as “Mr. Alvarado,” but as “Mx. Alvarado.” 

“Mx.” is a gender-neutral honorific typically used by individuals who do not identify as a specific gender, or for people who simply don't want to be referred to by gender,” according to a report by the Daily Mail. 

The 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Denair Middle School, Luis Davila Alvarado, triggered an avalanche of complaints from angry parents after handing out the infamous “Gender Unicorn” graphic to announce his “preferred pronoun” choice. 

Alvarado allegedly distributed the controversial graphic without consulting the school principal and without first alerting parents. 


The parental backlash was immediate. 

“The teacher said that because he was transgender and the kids had lots of questions, he thought this would be beneficial to them,” said one parent on Facebook. “Which is the most b*llsh*t excuse I’ve ever heard. I don’t care what you identify as, that’s your decision. But NO ONE has the right to ask my child these questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are teaching in a classroom.”

“Let’s say the kids are confused about what to call him/her,” said another.  “How in hell does this … clear up any confusion about him/her?!?! What a crock of s***!”

School principal Amanda Silva intervened and directed Alvarado to stop distribution of the “Gender Unicorn” graphic when she happened to wander into his second period class.  

Psychologist and free-speech hero Dr. Jordan Peterson has said “Gender ideology is completely insane,” and noted pediatricians Michelle A. Cretella and Felipe E. Vizcarrondo wrote last year that “Gender ideology is the latest assault on our children.”