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WASHINGTON, D.C., April 28, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — U.S. Vice President Mike Pence along with eight other members of President Trump’s cabinet are gathering every week to pray and to study the Bible.   

The gatherings, designed by a Christian ministry in the Capitol for government officials at all levels, suggest that God has indeed been brought back into the federal government by the Trump administration. 

Along with Pence, sponsors of the event include Secretaries Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Sonny Perdue, Rick Perry, and Tom Price, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, reported CBN News.

Ralph Drollinger, who runs Capitol Ministries and leads the weekly event, said God will bless the nation when its leaders turn to him in prayer. 

“In terms of a country's health and direction, when its leaders are seeking God, the nation is in a position to be blessed by God in ways that are 'far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think,'” he said, referring to a letter from St. Paul to the Ephesians.

Drollinger’s April 25 bible study focused on the importance of having what he called a “Bible-Based Ministry” in the Capitol.

“God judged Israel when His people worshipped other gods. Too often this betrayal was fostered by her spiritual leaders. … It stands to reason that spiritual leaders who minister to our government leaders are critically important to the health of the nation,” he said during the study. 

“Whether or not they lead them in God’s ways has huge repercussions relative to if or not God blesses a nation,” he added.

Bringing God back to the federal government appears to be part of Trump’s plan in making America great again. 

Trump asked God to “bless America” in his Thanksgiving address last year after it had been omitted eight years in a row by former President Obama. 

Last December, he told supporters, “We’re gonna start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February that if Americans “trust in God, then there is no goal at all beyond our reach.” He also said that same month that Americans “must never, ever” stop asking God for wisdom, declaring that the country will flourish “when religious liberty can flourish.”

The swearing-in ceremony of Trump’s top White House staff in January strongly emphasized God. 

Trump concluded his inaugural speech with a reference to God’s protection. 

“The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. … There should be no fear. We are protected and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and most importantly, we will be protected by God. Thank you, God bless you and God bless America. Thank you. God bless America,” he said at that time.