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MILAN, Italy (LifeSiteNews) — The Archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, has issued a pastoral letter in which he appears to endorse homosexuality. 

Homosexuality couched as a variant of ‘attraction’

“Particularly delicate attention given modern-day sensibilities must be devoted to accompanying and understanding the experience of love and the different nuances of attraction, both to people of different genders and to people of the same gender. The hasty label of ‘homosexual’, ‘heterosexual’ deadens the relational dynamic and tends to reduce it to a ‘sexual practice’,” Delpini, an appointee of Pope Francis, wrote in a chapter offering guidelines on “affective education.” 

Shortly before his remarks about homosexuality, the archbishop said, “In this arduous and fascinating task, the Christian community – and in particular, for its educational mandate, the oratories, sports clubs, associations and movements – is called to create paths of listening, study and dialogue, in order to accompany all situations and not to allow anyone to be led to think of ‘being badly done,’ of ‘being wrong’.”

“This is the time to take charge of interpreting the affective dimension in mutual dialogue with contemporary culture, so that Christian wisdom is not reduced to the image of a dusty volume in a library,” he also stated. 

The Italian editor of La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Riccardo Cascioli, heavily criticized the prelate, declaring that “through such guidelines, the archdiocese of Milan ‘fully embraces the line drawn by the gay lobby that has now taken command of the Catholic Church and adds its brick to the building that is being built in view of the Synod that will begin on October 4 in the Vatican’.” 

“One of the main objectives of the Synod will be to normalize homosexuality and Milan immediately puts itself in the front row,” Cascioli declared. “In fact, it is not a question, as is hypocritically said, of welcoming people with homosexual tendencies, which would certainly not be a novelty (just read the Catechism), but of legitimizing homosexual acts, starting by considering attraction to persons of the same sex as one of the possible variants of sexuality.” 

Drawing attention to the archbishop’s use of the euphemisms in vogue within the Church whenever LGBT ideology is being pushed, such as “accompaniment,” “welcome,” “listening,” and “affirming,” Cascioli pointed out that the vagueness of the terms allows the prelate to legitimize homosexual acts, which the Church has always condemned as intrinsically disordered and gravely sinful. 

In Delpini’s letter, “the watchword is triggered: ‘accompaniment’,” Cascioli wrote. “Yes, but accompany to where? This is not clear.” 

Criticizing the archbishop’s notion of “love” as “such a vague concept that anything can be put into it,” the Italian journalist denounced the moral relativism that Delpini appeared to fully endorse in his pastoral letter. “And all adults must listen, engage in dialogue, but never … must they affirm what is good and what is evil, what is true love and what are lies.”  

Cardinal Martini, heretical predecessor in the See of Milan 

This is not the first time an archbishop in Milan has endorsed homosexuality. Cardinal Carlo Martini, who was Archbishop of Milan until his retirement in 2002 at age 75, penned a book in 2012 in which he supported homosexual relationships and the legal recognition of same-sex unions, contrary to Catholic teaching. 

“I disagree with the positions of those in the Church, that take issue with civil unions,” he wrote. “It is not bad, instead of casual sex between men, that two people have a certain stability” and that the “state could recognize them.”  

Martini, a favorite of liberal dissidents within the Catholic Church, had previously sparked huge controversy when in 2006 he exposed his public dissent from the Church’s life teachings on artificial insemination, embryos, abortion, and euthanasia published in the Italian weekly L’espresso, in what Vatican expert Sandro Magister in the Italian journal Chiesa wrote was a “bombshell manifesto of opposition to the reigning pope,” then Pope Benedict XVI. 

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Before Cardinal Martini died in 2012, he referred to himself as an “ante-pope,” one who would be a “precursor and preparer” for a new pope who would bring about “radical … change” in a “tired … pompous” Church. In his 2012 book Night Conversations with Cardinal Martini the leader of the so-called St. Gallen “mafia” laid out what amounts to a blueprint for how change could be effected in the Church regarding her teachings on sexuality, marriage, contraception, sin, hell, and the male-only priesthood. It appears that much of his agenda has been taken up in the present pontificate. 

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Homosexual agenda pushed in Theology Faculty of Milan 

Unsurprisingly, the acceptance of homosexuality has long been promoted at the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy located in the Archdiocese of Milan. Don Aristide Fumagalli, a priest of the archdiocese and professor of moral theology within the faculty, offered a course titled “Homosexual love and Christian faith” for the academic year 2019-2020. In the course description, Fumagalli, who is also listed as a professor at the seminary of the Milan archdiocese, stated he would “clarify” how the Church’s Magisterium and Tradition “does not adequately capture the current homosexual experience of believers.” 

Couching the perennial and universal Catholic condemnations of homosexuality as a “misunderstanding” on the part of the Church, and calling for a new moral “evaluation of homosexual love,” Fumagalli falsely proposed that the so-called “loving life of homosexual persons” may be compatible with Christian charity.  

The pro-homosexual professor wrote, “Any misunderstanding between the traditional teaching of the Church and the current homosexual experience of believers will prompt an attempt to foster dialogue, critically deepening the relationship between the love lived by homosexual persons and the love commanded by Christ, in the light of the very renewal of the Church’s teaching in contemporary times.”  

In the October 2022 issue of Il Segno, the weekly periodical of the Ambrosian diocese, the cover page was dedicated to the “homosexuality taboo,” featuring Fumagalli together with other heretical pro-homosexual advocates within the Church. 

In the periodical, the Milanese priest scandalously declared that “the condemnation of homosexual acts” which the Church has universally pronounced “does not contemplate the possibility, unknown until contemporary times, that homosexual acts correspond to the nature of the person and express personal love.” As such, he argued sodomitic acts can be “an expression of personal Christian love.” 

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This “new morality” of “homosexual love” appears to have now been adopted by the present archbishop of Milan, successor of the heretical Martini. Officially promulgated in his new pastoral guidelines on the cusp of the Synod of Bishops on Synodality, the new morality is perhaps intended to signal that Milan, together with the bishops of the German Synodal Path, is ready for the pro-LGBT agenda being pushed in Rome, whose attempted imposition on the whole Church is soon to commence. 

As Cascioli adeptly observed, “What presents itself as an educational concern, a look of love towards individual people, is actually only a clerical screen to hide the real objective, which is instead ideological. And this is what will also have to be reckoned with at the October Synod on synodality.” 

Rejection of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality as ‘outdated’ is false theology 

In his 1986 “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons,” then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger outlined the “causes of confusion regarding the Church’s teaching” on homosexuality.  He described a false “new exegesis of Sacred Scripture which claims variously that Scripture has nothing to say on the subject of homosexuality, or that it somehow tacitly approves of it, or that all of its moral injunctions are so culture-bound that they are no longer applicable to contemporary life.” 

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Cardinal Ratzinger laid out the false theology and counters it with a true Biblical exegesis which seeks, he says, to “speak the truth in love.” 

He warned that “increasing numbers of people today, even within the Church, are bringing enormous pressure to bear on the Church to accept the homosexual condition as though it were not disordered and to condone homosexual activity.” 

“The movement within the Church,” he explained, is made up of “those who either ignore the teaching of the Church or seek somehow to undermine it. … One tactic used is to protest that any and all criticism of or reservations about homosexual people, their activity and lifestyle, are simply diverse forms of unjust discrimination.” 

Ratzinger concluded, “But we wish to make it clear that departure from the Church’s teaching, or silence about it, in an effort to provide pastoral care is neither caring nor pastoral. Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral. The neglect of the Church’s position prevents homosexual men and women from receiving the care they need and deserve.” 


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