TORONTO, September 23, 2005 ( – Self-styled feminist, abortion campaigner and former Toronto Star newspaper columnist Michele Landsberg has been elected to help lead head up Women’s College Hospital, which the province has just announced will divorce from Toronto’s Sunnybrook hospital to focus on women’s health. The hospital had been merged with Sunnybrook by the previous Progressive Conservative government.

Michele Landsberg is well known to be an extremely outspoken advocate of abortion rights and radical feminism and has for years been an often harsh opponent of the pro-life movement. In 2002, a Landsberg column strongly supported Toronto World Youth Day condom-promoting actions by the anti-Catholic Catholics for a Free Choice.

Landsberg’s husband is Stephen Lewis, the former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations and Former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF who in his long political career placed himself unequivocally in favour of so-called “reproductive rights” that include abortion. Lewis recently severely chastised the U.S. supported and highly successful abstinence-only program in Uganda for its rejection of UNFPA’s failed condom approach to AIDS.