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(LifeSiteNews) – The organizer for the Million Person March held in September to fight back against radical LGBT agendas being taught in public schools has planned a new event for October 21 after getting over ‘12 calls a day” to organize another protest.

The “Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally” to be held throughout the country will be looking at taking a ‘double measure, one cut” approach, said Kamel El-Cheikh, who was the main organizer of the September protest, on a recent podcast with Clyde Do Something.

He noted that there is a huge “appetite coast to coast” to rid Canadian schools of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) indoctrination.

“We want to make sure we measure twice and cut once,” El-Cheikh said, adding that organizers don’t want to just “protest for the sake of protesting.

“The nation wants to celebrate together and it’s going to be much bigger, I guarantee,” he said.

The first Million Person March occurred on September 20 and saw thousands of Canadians from coast to coast take to the streets to demand radical LGBT agendas be kept out of Canadian public schools.

The protest was organized by Muslim Canadians and used the slogan “Leave our kids alone,” specifically regarding gender ideology, age-inappropriate sexual content in school libraries, and LGBT propaganda.

El-Cheikh stressed that the Million Person movement is “peaceful” and at the end of the day is “unapologetic” with the message of “Hands Off Our Kids.”

“We want to parent our kids until they’re 18 and ready to make decisions by themselves,” he said.

“Whatever decision they make later, that’s a decision as an adult.”

At the September 20 march was high school student Josh Alexander, who after being canceled by his school for saying there are only two genders has continued to protest radical gender ideology moving its way into Canada’s education system.

Alexander told LifeSiteNews that he was recently informed of the October march happening at the end of the month.

“I will most likely be taking a roll in this march,” he said.

“It’s encouraging to see other people and organizations taking initiative. I will make myself available to aid any honest and responsible movements to protect our children.”

The September marches in most Canadian cities were peaceful. However, there were some reports of assaults on protesters by LGBT-aligning counter-protesters.

Million Person March group compiling ‘list’ of those who have defamed them publicly

The pro-parent protests, El-Cheikh explained, are about “heterosexual families and protecting their kids,” and state that it is not “okay for teachers to have secret conversations about sexuality with children.”

“Stuff that’s not being told to their parents,” he added.

Of significant note is that El-Cheikh said his group is compiling a “children’s indoctrination audit” which will be used against those who have made public statements that the group says have defamed those who participate in the movement. This includes politicians, such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We’re making a note of everyone that is saying these defamation comments,” he said, adding that when one “character assassinates” somebody and then “put words [to it],” they are “pretty liable in a court of law.”

El-Cheikh stressed that those in the LGBT movement who claim the march is bigoted, are in the wrong, as the movement is “not about Pride, because obviously they have Pride day, Pride week, Pride month, Pride season.”

“I wish you well, you’re a Canadian, you got all your rights, you’re just taking our rights away,” he said.

El-Cheikh said that what his group, as well as those parents and others participating in the march, are against is the obscene way some in the LGBT community have postured themselves in public, notably at pride events.

“There were naked gay men, being aroused, showing their ornaments to four- or five-year-old kids,” said El-Cheikh of the Toronto Pride Festivals.

“That’s sexual assault, sexual harassment,” he added.

El-Cheikh said that it is a sad state of affairs in what has happened to those in authority in Canada.

“Unfortunately right now our prime minister, our governments, the teachers union, the government union, has taken a stand and has said this is okay. Pedophilia is okay,” he noted.

“And it is not okay. No. And this is why we’re fighting.”

El-Cheikh recently was interviewed by LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Weston and said about the first march that it was in a way a “victory” for “every Canadian,” but more work is needed.

“Now you got the Stanley Cup. Everybody gets to bring it to their house, have their turkey dinner, bring their friends over, party, and you deserve to party because you got a little bit of relief,” he said.