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MINNEAPOLIS (LifeSiteNews) — Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is planning to host a family event featuring a drag story hour and a talk given by the director of a pediatric gender clinic who has previously claimed that children as young as three years old are able to “identify” as “transgender.” 

A “gender resource fair” is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, at Loring Elementary School. The Minneapolis school district advertises the event as “a gathering for families and their gender creative young ones.” 

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd, director of the “gender health program” at Children’s Minnesota hospital, will be featured as a guest speaker pushing gender ideology and “transition” procedures for gender confusion on the parents in attendance. Meanwhile, their children will be exposed to a drag queen story hour. 

The Saint Paul Public School Office of Equity is also promoting the event, asking people to “please spread the word” about the pro-LGBT gathering. The school district describes Goepferd as “an advocate and physician” who “will be speaking about supporting young transgender [sic] children.” 

“There will be a bounce house for kids, snacks, and many local resources centering transgender and non-binary [sic] children,” the advertisement continues. 

Goepferd has previously declared that “some transgender kids [sic] are claiming their identities as young as three or four years old” and informing their parents of this “truth.” During a viral segment of a 2020 TED talk, she said “the way that they see themselves doesn’t line up with other people’s expectations.”

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The activist for “affirming” gender confusion with child mutilation is described by Children’s Minnesota as “a leader in the LGBT community, is driving equitable care for LGBT youth, particularly transgender and gender diverse youth and she is a sought-after speaker and trainer on these topics.” 

The “exclusively pediatric” center “provides compassionate and comprehensive care [sic] for transgender and gender-diverse youth [sic]” and is said to be “dedicated to serving as an essential medical partner and resource” for gender-confused kids, as stated on the hospital’s website. 

Puberty blockers, menstrual suppression, and cross-sex hormones are all listed as “treatments” inflicted on gender-confused minors. A “letter of readiness and support from a mental health professional” who “has experience with gender identity” is required for distribution of cross-sex hormones. The hospital also adds that “as [patients] get older,” it will provide referrals for “adult gender care [sic]” and surgical procedures. 

Hormonal intervention for gender-confused youth has been proven to cause serious adverse reactions. A recent study found that those who receive cross-sex hormones face a “substantially increased risk” of cardiac issues, including heart attack and stroke. Promotion of such irreversible actions also tends to ignore or downplay the increased suicidality frequently experienced by individuals who pursue hormonal intervention. 

Unfortunately, Children’s Minnesota hospital is not the only leading pediatric institution promoting transgender ideology. 

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) gained national attention and backlash for pushing so-called transgender surgeries, including hysterectomies for young females. The institution has also stated that some babies know they are “transgender” while still in their mothers’ wombs. 

In October, LifeSiteNews reported that the American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute journalists reporting on the scandalous procedures conducted on gender-confused minors. 

As more medical practices and organizations have been found to participate in the chemical and surgical mutilation of gender confused children, conservative leaders have responded by enacting legislation to ban such practices in many states.  

Several states, including Mississippi, South Dakota, Utah, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Iowa, have all enacted laws that either restrict or totally ban hormonal and surgical intervention for gender-confused minors.