St. Paul, MN, November 28, 2011 ( – Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, has announced that it will close its abortion clinic, GYN Special Services Clinic, effective December 9, 2011. According to local pro-life activists, it is the first abortion clinic closure in Minnesota in two decades.

“I cannot express properly the waves of emotions of joy I am experiencing with this victory,” Brian Gibson of Pro-life Action Ministries told Operation Rescue.

Gibson and other local activists worked for years to convince Regions Hospital to close the abortion clinic, launching protests, petitions, and boycotts that Gibson says cost the hospital “millions of dollars in lost business.”


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The abortion clinic steadily lost business over the years. Last year, the clinic did 545 abortions, down over 55% from their high of 1,200 abortions annually.

“The closure of this abortion clinic is a testament to the steadfastness and faithfulness of pro-lifers who worked to end the killing without giving up. God honored their work,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who tracks the nation’s abortion clinics. “The number of abortion clinics continues a sharp decline, and that translates into lives saved. November has been a great month for the cause of life.”

GYN Special Services Clinic joins four other abortion clinics in announcing closures in November. Two of those clinics were located in Michigan, one in New Mexico, and another in California.