ST PAUL, November 24, 2004 ( –  The St. Paul Star Tribune reported today that on November 7th – while a group of homosexual activists were inside the cathedral receiving communion – an unknown individual had sprinkled oil and salt around the church in an attempt at purifying the church.

Archdiocesan spokesman, Dennis McGrath, told that the group of Rainbow Sash protesters were in the Cathedral attending Sunday Mass with the Archbishop’s specific approval. He said, “They phoned ahead and told him when they were going to be there.” When asked if that meant that the Archbishop supported the movement, McGrath said, “There are varying positions on this.”

The permission has raised the hackles of Catholics loyal to the Church’s teachings. McGrath said that a number of what he calls “ultra-conservative catholic groups” are in the habit of counter protesting. These groups, unlike the dissident Rainbow Sashers, do not have the support of the Archbishop.

Archbishop Harry Flynn was among the four bishops praised in a Rainbow Sash press release last week for their friendliness to the homosexual movement within the Catholic Church.

McGrath said the dispute had been going on in the St. Paul Minneapolis diocese for three years, since the Rainbow Sash movement sent a letter to Abchbishop Flynn telling him of their ‘solidarity’with gays and lesbians who are ‘oppressed’ in the Church. They were given permission to attend Masses and receive communion as long as they behaved in a ‘respectful’ manner, according to McGrath.

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