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Democrat U.S. Rep. Summer Lee of PennsylvaniaYouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Democrat U.S. Rep. Summer Lee, who supports the inclusion of biological men in women’s sports, requested that athlete-turned-activist Riley Gaines’ remarks that Lee may be a “misogynist” be removed from the congressional record on Tuesday.

During yesterday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on “transgender” athletes participating in women’s sports, the Pennsylvania congresswoman implored in her opening statement that biological males who identify as “women” be allowed to participate in female athletics, arguing that it is beneficial for their mental health.

Lee suggested that those who believe women’s sports teams should only allow biological females are “transphobic,” stating regarding the input of certain members of the hearing panel, “We’re likely going to be forced to listen to transphobic bigotry.”


After Lee’s introductory statement, Gaines, who rose to prominence after speaking out about the injustices of forcing females to compete against biological males, decried the Biden administration’s proposed new interpretation of Title IX, which ended sex-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding. 

The Biden administration’s drafted updates to the statute would prevent schools from enacting a blanket ban on males participating in female sports, in defiance of the laws of at least 20 states that already prevent “transgender” athletes from competing against the opposite sex.

“Who is working to minimize the harm done to female athletes?” Gaines said during Tuesday’s hearing. “Let me be perfectly clear. A school that knowingly allows a male athlete to take a spot on a women’s team or allows a male athlete to take the field in a women’s game is denying a female student athletic opportunity.”

“And that is sex-based discrimination, and it violates Title IX, regardless of what the new regulations might say,” she added.

Gaines went on to point out that there is an opportunity for “everyone” to play sports in the U.S. but insisted that so-called “inclusion” “cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness.”

“Ranking member Lee, if my testimony makes me transphobic, then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist,” Gaines concluded.

Lee thereafter interrupted the testimony of Sarah Perry, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, to move to have Gaines’ words “removed” from the congressional record. Lee alleged that Gaines was “engaging in personalities” — that is, leveling a personal attack against Lee — despite the fact that Lee herself had suggested defenders of sex-segregated sports are “transphobic bigots.”

After a private discussion with House Oversight Committee members, Lee withdrew her request.

Mandatory inclusion of gender-confused individuals in opposite-sex sports is commonly promoted as a matter of “inclusivity,” but critics note that indulging “transgender” athletes undermines the original rational basis for having sex-specific athletics in the first place: fundamental physical differences between the sexes.

There have been numerous high-profile examples in recent years of men winning women’s competitions, and research affirms that physiology gives males distinct athletic advantages that cannot be fully negated by hormone suppression.

In a 2019 paper published by the Journal of Medical Ethics, New Zealand researchers found that “healthy young men [do] not lose significant muscle mass (or power) when their circulating testosterone levels were reduced to (below International Olympic Committee guidelines) for 20 weeks,” and “indirect effects of testosterone” on factors such as bone structure, lung volume, and heart size “will not be altered by hormone therapy;” therefore, “the advantage to transwomen [biological men] afforded by the [International Olympic Committee] guidelines is an intolerable unfairness.”