NEW YORK, NEW YORK, June 7, 2012 ( – Miss Pennsylvania USA, Sheena Monnin has resigned from her title this week stating she doesn’t agree that men who have undergone “gender reassignment” surgery should be able to compete in the Miss Universe competitions.

Miss Universe Organization, the umbrella organization for Miss USA contests, changed its policies in April to allow Jenna Talackova, who underwent “gender reassignment” surgery at 19 years old, to compete for Miss Universe Canada.

In an e-mail to the Miss Universe Organization Monnin says that she can’t be “part of a pageant system that has so far and so completely removed itself from its foundational principles as to allow and support natural born males to compete in it.”


Monnin resigned saying that she fully revokes her support from the organization. Transgender males in this competition “goes against ever[y] moral fiber of my being,” she said. “I believe in integrity, high moral character, and fair play, none of which are part of this system any longer.”

Monnin also said she was resigning because she had reason to believe that the competition was rigged. Miss Universe Organization denies Monnin’s claim saying that the contestant Monnin says saw a list of the top five contestants before the competition denied that she saw it.

On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos, “We’re going to be suing her.”

Judges reacted with pleasure when the eventual winner, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo, said she supported the inclusion of transgender men in the pageant. “I do accept that because I believe it’s a free country,” she said.

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