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(Reclaim The Net) — Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDLs) are now available in the state of Mississippi, the latest state to adopt a form of digital ID in the United States. The state’s Department of Public Safety announced plans for the mDL towards the end of 2021.

The state has partnered with biometrics and identity solution provider IDEMIA to introduce the mobile ID to residents. It will be available via a free app on iOS and Android devices.

Enrolling requires uploading images of the physical driver’s license. Authentication requires facial biometrics. There is a video on the public safety department’s website explaining to residents how to enroll.

The mobile ID can be used as a legal form of identity verification in all places where physical driver’s licenses are accepted. The app allows users to choose what information to display when verifying their age.

It expands residents’ online identity-proof abilities. The information on the digital ID can only be accessed through biometrics: a facial scan or a fingerprint scan.

“The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is committed to utilizing technology to enhance the quality of our residents’ lives,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “While Mississippi Mobile ID will be voluntary, it is our belief that residents will find this new service to be convenient, secure, and private.”

Reprinted with permission from Reclaim The Net.