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JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri (LifeSiteNews) — Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Monday that he is issuing an emergency regulation against gender “transition” procedures for minors, in the wake of revelations about such mutilations at a clinic in the Show Me State.

Last month, Jamie Reed, a self-identifying “queer” woman who used to work as a case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, went public about the “morally and medically appalling” procedures conducted on gender-confused children. 

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She alleged that children often claimed to have disorders based on “false self-diagnoses,” and despite recognizing those as symptoms of social contagion, physicians instead said it “reflected something innate” and pushed “transitioning” as the solution regardless of their preexisting issues. Reed explained that it was extremely easy for a gender-confused girl to get started on a regimen of hormone drugs, requiring only “a letter of support” from her therapist.

“In just a two-year period from 2020 to 2022, the Center initiated medical transition for more than 600 children,” Reed said. “About 74% of these children were assigned female at birth [girls].”

The story prompted U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to announce an investigation into the “sickening account of forced sterilization and child abuse […] at an institution that receives federal taxpayer funds.”

On Monday, Bailey’s office announced that it is issuing an emergency regulation that “clarifies that state law already prohibits performing experimental procedures in the absence of specific guardrails,” including informed consent as to the medical dangers of puberty blockers, comprehensive screenings for underlying mental health issues other than gender dysphoria, and extensive follow-ups for adverse events.

“As Attorney General, I will protect children and enforce the laws as written, which includes upholding state law on experimental gender transition interventions,” said Bailey. “Even Europe recognizes that mutilating children for the sake of a woke, leftist agenda has irreversible consequences, and countries like Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom have all sharply curtailed these procedures. I am dedicated to using every legal tool at my disposal to stand in the gap and protect children from being subject to inhumane science experiments.”

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Studies find that more than 80% of children experiencing gender dysphoria outgrow it on their own by late adolescence, and that even full “reassignment” surgery often fails to resolve gender-confused individuals’ heightened tendency to engage in self-harm and suicide — and may even exacerbate it, including by reinforcing their confusion and neglecting the actual root causes of their mental strife.

On top of those issues, experts outside the medical establishment further warn that surgically or chemically reinforcing gender confusion imposes irreversible harm on children such as infertility, impairment of adult sexual function, and reduced life expectancy, as well as the psychological toll of being “locked into” physical alterations regardless of whether they change their minds when they mature.

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The issue is grimly illustrated in the story of Yaeli Martinez, a 19-year-old to whom “gender transitioning” was touted as a possible cure for her depression in high school, supported by a high school counselor who withheld what she was going through from her mother. The troubled girl killed herself after trying to live as a man for three years.

Many oft-ignored “detransitioners,” individuals who attempted to live under a different “gender identity” before embracing their sex, attest to the physical and mental harm of reinforcing gender confusion, as well as to the bias and negligence of the medical establishment on the subject, like that detailed by Jamie Reed.