JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri, August 4, 2004 ( – Missouri voters have overwhelmingly decided to introduce a state-wide constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage.” In an election Tuesday, 70 percent of voters were in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment.  As many as 12 other states may vote on similar constitutional bans this year. Missouri is one of 37 states that already defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, however its citizens suffer from the same anxiety as residents of many other states—that activist judges will thwart the wishes of the people by overturning the law.  “I’m very gratified and encouraged and thankful that the people of this state understand our current policy’s a wise public policy and they want to see it protected from a legal challenge,” Coalition to Protect Marriage in Missouri spokeswoman Vicky Hartzler said, as reported by the Associated Press. The Coalition spread the word, relying on a grassroots movement – knocking on doors, and speaking at church and community gatherings.  On September 18, Louisiana will go to the polls to decide the issue. Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah will decide the issue on November 2, while Michigan, North Dakota and Ohio have yet to decide whether a vote will be held.  tv