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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – Major League Baseball (MLB) players who have chosen not to take one of the abortion-tainted COVID shots will likely not get paid for missed games due to Canada’s vaccine passport system.

The latest collective bargaining agreement reportedly does not protect players who cannot travel to play the Toronto Blue Jays due to Canada’s restriction on visitors who have declined to get jabbed. The MLB season starts April 7.

Because it is a binding agreement on players, MLB teams who want to pay those players are not allowed to without violating the contract.

“Veteran @mlb player tells me and an MLB Official confirms. … unvaccinated players can’t play in Canada and under new CBA they will not be paid or receive service time for those games missed in Canada,” sports reporter Duke Castiglione tweeted on March 11. Service time determines player eligibility for free agency, arbitration, and salary increases.

Baseball columnist Shi Davidi seconded that report. “With Canadian border still closed to unvaccinated visitors, MLB players who haven’t taken COVID-19 shots will be placed on restricted list when their teams are in Toronto.”

Getting jabbed won’t provide a marginal benefit to most of the young MLB players. It may actually be more dangerous than getting COVID, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) vaccine advisor Dr. Doran Fink.

Dr. Fink, who teaches pediatric medicine at George Washington University, said during a September 2021 vaccine safety committee meeting that men under 40 are at greater risk of hospitalization from COVID shots than the virus.