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COLUMBIA, Missouri, August 12, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A local Planned Parenthood business has installed a six-foot-tall black fence encircling the abortion clinic. 

Sheila Kostas, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, claimed that the massive fence “is simply an upgrade to the property,” but pro-lifers see the expensive new construction as an attempt to keep them from influencing potential abortion clients.

The abortion business, only a week before, stepped up its “services” by dispensing chemical pills for abortions.

Lauren Muzyka, executive director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, explained to LifeSiteNews that the facility has been where Christians have peacefully sought to pray and educate women considering abortion. “Both 40 Days for Life and Sidewalk Advocates for Life have had a presence [there], thanks to the valiant, peaceful advocacy efforts of Kathy Forck and fellow community members,” she said.

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Ms. Forck, who prays outside the abortion business about once a week, believes that the huge wall is intended to stop the influence of Christians. She also interprets the new enclosure as proof of her and other pro-lifers' success. “Our message must really be effective if they go to such lengths to try to keep their clients from seeing us or our message, either looking at us, or our signs, or hearing from us,” she said.

Muzyka agrees. “This fence is no doubt evidence that Planned Parenthood wants to discourage clients from receiving life-affirming alternatives in the community from pro-life advocates who simply want to empower women with more information, help, and hope,” she told LifeSiteNews.

Muzyka says Christians will continue to come to the abortion business to pray and counsel. “Our advocates  – exercising their First Amendment rights when peacefully reaching out to women entering the facility – can be confident that women will be still attracted to come to the sidewalk for more information, because of the way their loving, peaceful approach wins hearts and minds.”

The Columbia abortion business is currently under investigation, after the Center for Medical Progress released multiple undercover videos showing that Planned Parenthood  – by its staffers' own boast – makes a tidy profit off trafficking in the body parts of aborted babies.

Four videos show senior Planned Parenthood officials describing how the abortion business harvests fetal parts, and illegally modifies abortions to guarantee the receipt of intact human baby organs.