TORONTO, Sept 20 ( – A despicable trend in “art” has been the attacks against Christianity proposed as art works, but more disturbing has been the fact that these travesties are regularly funded with taxpayer dollars. Last week the National Post reported that University of Manitoba art professor Diana Thorneycroft was given $15,000 for her “exhibit of 12 rotting rabbit carcasses strung up in a forest.” Called “Monstrance” – the   vessel used by Catholics to hold the Eucharist – the rotting carcasses will house her photographs. 

In a related story, beginning October 2, the Brooklyn Museum of Art will feature “Sensation:  Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection.” The exhibit contains the work of 42 artists that have been furnished by Charles Saatchi, a leading collector of contemporary art.  Among the displays is one by Chris Ofili, “The Holy Virgin Mary.” This collage shows a Black Madonna surrounded by pictures of female genitalia with elephant dung splattered all over the linen. The Catholic league in the US has demanded that the government cease funding the institution.