Yuyue, Hubei, May 29, 2013 ( – In the wake of the heartbreaking story about how a newborn baby in China was rescued after apparently being flushed down a public toilet and becoming lodged in a sewage pipe, comes a report that a woman has died after being forced to abort by Chinese family planning officials.


On May 23, 2013, 26-year-old pregnant mother Zhang Yinping was dragged to the local Family Planning Office in Yuyue, Hubei, for a forced abortion, according to the human rights group All Girls Allowed. 

Despite being 6-months pregnant, the Family Planning Officials reportedly went ahead with the forced surgery.  After the surgery, Ms. Zhang suffered a massive hemorrhage and died the following morning on May 24th.

According to All Girls Allowed, local Jiayu county officials are investigating this case as a “medical accident” and the Family Planning Office has been closed during the investigation.  Ms. Zhang's relatives surrounded the office in protest, but the county sent police officers to stop the protest.  There are reportedly no signs of a criminal investigation or criminal charges.

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“Please pray for this unfolding story, that All Girls Allowed would be able to get a hold of the victim's family and obtain more details, photos and even video evidence of this horrific forced abortion and murder,” said the human rights group in a statement. “Pray that the mainstream media would pick up this case, especially as it comes alongside the announcement of Two-Child Policy in Myanmar to restrict the growth of the Muslim population there.”

China's one-child policy is routinely enforced through brutal measures including forced abortions and sterilizations, and crippling fines that can amount to several times a family's annual income.