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(LifeSiteNews) — A mother of four and self-described former Massachusetts liberal is facing up to six months in jail after non-violently attempting to enter the Massachusetts State House in Boston without a vaccine passport.

Michelle Efendi was charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, and assault on a court officer after she squeezed past a man she alleged is the officer she is being charged with assaulting. She had refused to show proof of COVID “vaccination” and publicly clarified that she did not receive the COVID shot.

According to Efendi, at the time, the Massachusetts State House had just opened after being closed to the public due to COVID, and was the last state house in the entire country to open after the COVID outbreak.

She explained to media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky (known as “Dr. Drew”) last month, “I wanted to meet my elected officials. No one was answering the phone, no one was answering emails. No one was responding to the concerns that I had.” She then shared that she had been involved in COVID mandate protests, and what she likened to “sit-ins” in defiance of COVID shot laws.

Efendi shared in a DailyClout blog post that while she had “feared COVID” in 2020 like a “typical Massachusetts liberal” — even telling her local officials that they weren’t doing enough to combat the virus — by 2021, she had come to “despise” face masks and “feared looming vaccine mandates.”

“I was forced to give birth in a mask and was terrified my husband would be force-vaccinated to keep his job,” she wrote. “I realized the real threat wasn’t COVID but the government.”

Efendi told Dr. Drew how she would go to museums and libraries and “ask to be [served] like everybody else,” or simply enter, without any kind of vaccine passport. She compared it to the civil rights sit-ins of the 1960’s, during which black Americans would ask for service in segregated spaces designated for whites only.

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“I would sit down at the library in the children’s room with my children…and suddenly the librarians would swarm and insist that I leave,” explained Efendi, adding that this occurred in 2022.

“Separate is never equal…There is already precedent set that you cannot segregate spaces,” Efendi told Dr. Drew.

Now almost two years after the March 1, 2022 incident, the state of Massachusetts refuses to drop charges against Efendi despite having dismissed similar charges against climate protesters who disrupted State House proceedings last summer. Those demonstrators had dropped their pants and refused to leave after a warning. They were charged with trespassing on state property, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

DailyClout has published a statistical analysis from Efendi’s legal team in an effort to demonstrate that Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden is “selectively prosecuting” vaccine protesters and “not any other type of protester.” 

The attorneys have compiled data showing that of 114 arrests in Suffolk County “since George Floyd,” only two have resulted in convictions. Only seven of the 41 arrests involving felony charges were not dismissed. 73 of the arrests involved misdemeanors, which “all resulted in dismissals.”

Efendi is sharing updates about her ongoing legal battle on her X page, as well as on her GiveSendGo fundraiser page, which shows she is still in need of funds to help defray her legal costs.

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