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(LifeSiteNews) — Stella returns on this week’s Ladies of LifeSite to interview Jade Nikolai, an American mother of 13 children, about her experience with homeschooling and why she believes more parents should do it.

Nikolai didn’t initially homeschool her children; it was only after talking with her husband that they decided to take the plunge. She shares how she was motivated by a desire to preserve her children’s “souls” and “innocence,” but adds that flexibility is important, especially as they get older and if mom simply has too many children to homeschool at once.

“We feel that if you give the kids a good foundation when they’re young, there can be other options when they get older,” Nikolai says. “It’s a difficult world out there to maintain your faith. But if they have a good foundation and good morals, we feel that they’ll hopefully make good decisions.”

The Catholic mother of 13 also runs an annual homeschool conference called “Our Lady Queen of All Saints,” which saw roughly 40 attendees and two speakers in 2021, its very first year.

“I want to mention I chose the title of ‘Our Lady Queen of All Saints,’ because we as Catholics, we know that our job as mothers and fathers is to raise our little saints and that they’ll grow into nurturers of God’s will, and hopefully meet us in heaven some day,” Nikolai says. “And we can definitely use the intercession of Our Lady. So I thought, what more perfect name than ‘Our Lady Queen of All Saints.'”

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