TORONTO, Sept 7 ( – The obvious large majority of social conservative delegates at the United Alternative conference was as much a horror to UA social liberals as it was a joy to pro-life and pro-family social and fiscal conservatives.  In a desperate attempt to halt a political movement that threatens to upset the pro-abortion, anti-family Canadian establishment, Diane Francis, editor of the Financial Post section of the National Post,  attempts a redefinition of the Reform party as merely economically conservative with “fringe”  elements of social conservatism which must be rooted out.

The desperation of the attempt is evident in the recent upsurge in the popularity of social conservatism as witnessed by the immense and growing popularity of the likes of Michael Coren, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Dr. Dobson.  Moreover, the very paper for which Francis writes is itself an example of the growing power and influence of traditional Canadian social principles since the successful Post has regularly given more space to social conservative articles than any other national paper in Canada for many years.

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